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Shortly i have new PickBags and new DimplePickSets Instruments. Handcrafted and polished tools with a high precision. There is a set DTS 7plus3 with 7 tools, 3 tension wrenches and a bag and some extras.  Singly availaible too. The Instruments DimpleToolWave's XR, R und DimpleToolSpec R are for the Abus Locks EC 550, 750, 850 and also XP2"S" or yale. DimpleTool L, DimpleTool XL, DimpleTool R, DimpleTool XR and ToolWave L are fore many Dimplelocks. A preview of the function is to see here. Look here for a example from ToolDimple XL in an abus ec 550.

Important: This tools are tested personal and from other lockpickers and can open dimple locks! Experience in lockpicking assumed.

The "Recycled from Original German Nuclear Shelter Inventory" PickBags are overworked and anhanced. Additional close tension wrenches adjuster bags and a practical elastic strip as well as doubling ashes on the back page with the PickBagSmall leave open hardly still desires. Swords to ploughshares.

Handmade in Berlin.

Recycled from Original German Nuclear Shelter Inventory

By recycling this material valuable raw materials are preserved and handled accordingly careful with nature.

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